Red Wine Glasses Set of 2-Hand blown Larger Crystal Wine Glasses, 21 o – BuyfromTurk
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Red Wine Glasses Set of 2-Hand blown Larger Crystal Wine Glasses, 21 oz -100% Lead-Free Titanium Crystal-Light,Thinner,Clearest -Exquisite Packaging, Great for Wedding, Wine Tasting, Anniversary

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  • Ultra-thin rim is less than 0.98 mm: Every crystal glass is HAND-BLOWN in just 5 minutes by professional artisans who have more than 15 years of experience in their craft. PAPER THIN bowls are so delicate they meld with the wine becoming barely perceptible. When pouring the wine and holding the wine glass up, you can barely feel the glass that it is nearly transparent. You will hardly feel the glass, and instead, focus on the wine itself when tasting.
  • Sparkling lead-free premium crystal: With the most skilled craftsmen and the best raw materials, has always strived for perfection. By eliminating the lead content from the crystal glass composition, our glass is replaced with fine TITANIUM CRYSTAL through a patented chemical formulation that produces ultra CLEAR, pure and bright wine glasses. Combined with the most exquisite craftsmanship and the best crystal, ROVSYA glasses are as LIGHT as feathers and SHINE like stars.
  • Shape does matter: The shape of the glass always plays a crucial role in evoking the best taste. At a bigger spherical 21 oz size, our Red Wine Glass allows you to swirl the wine without losing the lovely aromas of the wine, since you release volatile aroma compounds so that more nuances of aroma will be revealed. The 3 inch mouth was designed to direct the flow of wine to the desired area of the palate for optimized tasting, based on its designated wine style.
  • Luxurious exquisite packaging: From the moment you pick up your Crystal Wine Glasses, you will definitely be impressed by the luxurious packaging with our signature Red Bow. Our beautifully created gift packaging allows your beautiful glasses to always arrive in one piece and can also be used for safe storage.These unparalleled wine glasses make for a PERFECT GIFT for every WINE LOVER.
  • Perfect handmade artwork: A glass is a lifetime investment in improved and enriched wine experience. We know that any crystal glass will broken if it is knocked.You can see that the rim and wall of our glass is very THIN and CLEAR, but also fragile. Although the lose of broken is huge, we still insist on HANDMAKING only, hoping to bring WINE LOVERS a perfect wine tasting experience. Of course, if you receive broken, please contact us and we will provide you with friendly help for 90 days.