Cocktail Shaker Set. Bartenders Kit Bar Set Tool Accessories For Profe – BuyfromTurk
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Cocktail Shaker Set. Bartenders Kit Bar Set Tool Accessories For Professional And Home Bartending Barware Kit Jigger Bar Spoon Bottle Opener

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Cocktail Shaker Set. Bartenders Kit. Bar Set Tool Accessories for Professional and Home Bartending. Barware Kit include Boston Shaker, Muddler, Strainer, Jigger, Bar Spoon, Bottle Opener, Pour Spouts

Product Features:

2021 Mixology Bartender Kit — the Dozen Must-Have tools for professional cocktail mixing, whether you are in a restaurant, bar, or at home. All Necessary Bar Supplies needed you will find in this bar tool-box.
Top Quality and Exclusive Gradient Painting — Our cocktail bartending set contains 12 bar tools made of food-grade Rustproof Thick 304 stainless steel with a highly stable, reliable, and Perfect Galvanic Plating. Buy this shaker kit with confidence in Long-Lasting Usage - you will never need another bar tool-set.
1000 Recipes For Free — Pdf Bartender Book With Classic, Modern, Molecular, and Non-Alcoholic recipes. With this e-book, not physical you could use your new bar tools set almost every day.
Party Animal Must Have — If you like a party for a wedding, birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions, you Need the Best Bartender Kit. Surprise your guests with fancy drinks by using all bartender tools from this tipsy bartender kit! This bartender kit is the Long-Awaited Gift for any occasion.

Product Description :

All you need — cocktail shaker set — easy to use and clean — Holiday cocktail bar kit — Premium cocktail shaker kit with color coating — ideal cocktail gift set — E-book with 1000 recipes for free The cocktail set consists of 12 pieces:

🍹 Gradient Color Boston Cocktail Shaker 28oz+18oz cups — the main tool in every home bar set. The heavy base is for ideal balance and 2 different volume cups you can use separately. The stainless steel thickness doesn’t deform, keeps cocktails cold and hands comfortable while shaking.

🍹 Japanese Double Jigger 1oz/2oz — special measuring lines inside the jigger (2; 1½; 1; ½ Oz) allow you to mix ingredients maintains their proportions.

🍹 Twisted Bar Spoon 12.2'' — an essential tool in any mixology bartender kit for making stirring drinks like Martini, Manhattan, or Old Fashion. Perfect for measuring sugar, honey, syrups, etc. (up to 0.17 Oz). The flat end of the spoon can also be used for layered shot drinks.

🍹 Hawthorne Strainer — for separation cocktails from the ice that only the pure drink can get into the glass.

🍹 Fine Strainer 3.14'' — for extra separation of cocktails containing herbs, freshly squeezed juices, or other small pieces which Hawthorne strainer can’t filter.

🍹 Muddler — for effective muddling of mint, lime, etc. It has an ergonomic handle, an elegant pressing side with a minimum of plastic, a stylish design, and reliable quality.

🍹 3 Metal Pourers with caps for convenient pouring from bottles without spills.

🍹 Tongs — thanks to serrated ends, holds ice pieces of any shape and helps to fill glasses with ice.

🍹 Double Level Corkscrew — it’s lightweight and holds in your hand well; the 2-step level action makes opening the bottle smooth, include a small foil cutter.

🍹 E-book, not physical, with 1K recipes which is protected by Copyright